Secular Wake Forest

Hey guys,

So, I am trying to start up a chapter of the Student Secular Alliance at Wake Forest and it looks like this will be the site where I post updates and new information. Just some info about the Student Secular Alliance, it is a student organization for agnostics, atheists and others that is used as a support network, a place to meet like minded individuals and a service organization.

As many of you know, Wake Forest is a very religious school for the most part. There are student organizations for different sects of Christianity, Judaism and Islam on campus. However, I felt like there really wasn’t anywhere for those that do not truly follow a religion to meet. I’m hoping that by starting the Secular Student Alliance here, we will be able to develop a community of the not so religious on campus, and also do some good in the community.

The Secular Student Alliance is a nationally respected organization that is present at most schools. Area colleges such as UNC, Duke, NC St, App, and renowned schools like Harvard and Yale, all have chapters.

Finally, I hope that this goes well. I’m still working on finding people but if you know anyone interested leave their name in the comments section. Thanks and I look forward to the process of organizing this.


2 Responses to Secular Wake Forest

  1. Benjamin Zich says:

    Benjamin Zich

    I’m a law student currently working with the Freedom From Religion Foundation. I would like to help start up this a SSA chapter at WF and bring in some speakers to talk about the legal struggles in church/state separation. You can contact me at

  2. Ivy says:

    I tried the main email and it didn’t work. But I would be interested.

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